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Information for those who are not indifferent.

How can you help our cause?

Give publicity

If you are a media personality or opinion leader, you can highlight our website and project, we can defeat the consequences of the war only by uniting with a large mass of like-minded people, and the project administration will be grateful to you.
To do this, register on the site and write "I am a media person and I want to help"

Become a project agent

You can become an active participant in the project and help us raise funds for charity to combat the consequences of the war, for its part, the administration will not forget the contribution to our project and share with you the tokens that are allocated for marketing.

To do this, register on the site and write "I want to become an agent"

Become a community member

You can buy a project token on the exchange, detailed instructions in the "Buy" section
Thus, you automatically become a participant in the project, and your contribution, even $ 10, will help our common cause.


No War community

Partners who help us in the development of the project

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